About Us

I started Shaw’s Prosthetics Plus in 1996 in the Fountain Square Shopping Center on Frederica Street in Owensboro, KY. Our first office was small. It was under 1500 square feet and perfect for just two people. Two was all we had in the beginning, an office manager and myself.

In 2006 our 10th year in business was marked by a move into our new office at 1019 Old Hartford Road. By this time we had grown to four employees and were seeing our patient population rise by leaps and bounds. It took over two years to design and redesign the new building. Now we have 3300 square feet and a way to expand another 1200 square feet should the need arise.

Our entrance is level with the parking lot so there are no obstacles to tackle, such as steps. Patients can simply walk or wheel right in. Our hallways are four feet wide and all of our examine room can be accessed by a standard ambulance gurney. Our double doors at the front of the building can open for the widest access. Our patient restroom is located in the lobby and is easily accessible. It is large enough for two people should your loved one need assistance.

When I started Shaw’s Prosthetics Plus my ambition and philosophy began as simply wanting to give the people of Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana a choice in Prosthetic and Orthotic care. We found out rather early on that while we were giving people that choice there was an even bigger factor emerging behind the scenes. Our patients were amazed with the time we took to listen to them, evaluate their problems and discuss the options with their families.

Without realizing it we were putting that personal touch on each meeting, whether it was with the parent of a child with cerebral palsy who needed to be heard, explaining to the elderly more than once how to put on their spinal orthosis or just sitting down with a new amputee for a few hours, listening to their goals and fears and discussing the process they must go through in order to take their first steps with their prosthesis.

-Terry L. Shaw, CPO, BOCPO, FAAOP, LPO