Post-Mastectomy Care

In the last few years we have added other services to our business that were not readily available in our area including post mastectomy care and lymphedema compression garments. Our Certified Mastectomy Fitter is credentialed by the American Board for Certification. Even though our certified post mastectomy fitter didn’t write the book on post mastectomy services she is currently serving on one of the two national boards that write the exams people go through to become a certified post mastectomy fitter.

-Terry L. Shaw, CPO, BOCPO, FAAOP, LPO


You will find that Leigh Anne, our certified mastectomy fitter to be patient and concerned with your comfort and appearance. In addition to her in-depth knowledge about proper fitting, she is also a national leader in the post-mastectomy professional education arena.

Need to Know

Although a physician's prescription is required before the actual fitting process can proceed, we will be happy to arrange a preliminary meeting with you, during which the process and the possibilities can be thoroughly discussed.

In this meeting, your individual preferences and needs can be evaluated, and you will be able to examine and compare the many breast prosthesis shapes and designs that are available to you. Your certified fitter will demonstrate and explain the full range of accessories, including mastectomy bras and camisoles.

Whether your surgical procedure consisted of a lumpectomy or a radical or bilateral mastectomy, Shaw’s has an appropriate prosthetic solution that will be carefully matched to your unique body contours in order to achieve natural and pleasing results.

When you bring us your physician's prescription for an original prosthesis or a replacement, we can begin the actual fitting process immediately.

Most insurance plans cover the cost of your mastectomy prosthesis as part of treatment. We will be happy to go over your coverage with you when you stop in for your appointment.